Nothing stands in your way!


To travel is to live and it gives us that special feeling of freedom! That feeling should be accessible for everybody, also (or even more) for people with limited mobility. From the very beginning, it was from utmost importance to us that everybody will be able to stay with us - as comfortable as possible. 

The design of the barrier-free room is exactely the same as in all other rooms, even though the functionality is priority number one. It is accessible with the elevator and of course all conditions such as spaces, heights, depths and supportive installations are there to make travel-life a bit easier for our guests with special needs. 

The Brasserie & Bakery on the ground floor is also easy accessible with a wheel-chair and our staff is happy to help 24hrs around the clock. The elevator takes our guests to the (barrier-free) toilets downstairs. 

Please let uns know if you have any questions or if you would like us to make a booking for you via