Whistleblowing Management

In our hotel, we are naturally aware of our ethical and legal responsibilities towards our employees and all partners we collaborate with. It is part of our philosophy to take these commitments seriously and uphold them.

In accordance with legal requirements, we have established a whistleblower hotline:

We utilize software that complies with all legal requirements, including data protection regulations. Through our hotline, you can provide anonymous or named reports of violations in legally prescribed areas. If you choose not to remain anonymous, your data will be treated confidentially.

Help us uncover and prevent any violations that may have come to your attention. You can securely report issues such as product safety, environmental protection, food safety, consumer protection, data protection, criminal offenses, and more.

Click on the link below and indicate whether you prefer to remain anonymous or disclose your information to provide a report. Then specify the category to which your report pertains and describe the incident.

Subsequently, you will receive access to a digital mailbox protected by a password of your choosing, which only you can access. Through this mailbox, you can communicate anonymously. Your report will be acknowledged and you'll stay up to date about the actions taken. 

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